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About Wendy Carle Taylor Consultancy

Wendy provides world-wide consultancy services in association with a team of top executive coaches. Her UK based consultancy serves the public, private and voluntary sectors and has over 30 years’ experience in coaching, training and facilitation.

Our primary purpose is to help people and organisations realise their potential. We do this in a number of ways including:
listening to, and understanding your current situation and the challenges you are facing;
diagnosing what ‘issues’ are at play in the organisation;
helping you to create a desired vision and outcomes for the future;
working collaboratively with you to develop a way forward to achieve successful outcomes appropriate to your needs and circumstances.

Our Values
Partnership – we seek to engage and work collaboratively with our clients because we value what our clients bring as highly as we value our own skills and experience.
Integrity – we believe that integrity lies at the heart of the way we work. Integrity is about having an honest, trusting relationship with our clients and delivering on our promises.
Passion – we work with commitment and energy because we genuinely believe that what we do will make a difference and help our clients achieve successful outcomes.
Excellence – we constantly strive to achieve high standards in our work and provide our clients with the highest quality service that adds value.

Recent clients include charitable organisations and global corporations such as Alzheimer Scotland, Parkinson’s UK and Bosch International.

Please contact Wendy to discuss how we may be of service.
Phone 0131 229 2005 or 0779 029 4221 | E-mail
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