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Customised Workshops

Workshops customised to suit your organisation. Please also see Coaching and contact Wendy to discuss your requirements.

Public Workshops
Singing for Fun!
Relaxing, cheerful and tailored to suit all levels, this upbeat workshop will lift your spirits. Professional vocal tips, variety of songs, lovely melodies and harmonies – and the thrill of singing well together! No experience necessary. No need to read music. Click here for details.

Solo Song
Build your confidence in solo singing within a supportive setting. The group size is small to allow lots of time to explore an enjoy. All you have to do is to bring along two of your favourite songs – you need to know the words and the melody.

Edinburgh University, Open Studies Courses
Courses include:
A Scottish Songbook
Scottish Women and Song
Singing Burns
Around the World In Song

Please check the Open Studies website for course information and bookings

Scots Music Group
Singing For Fun Thursday evenings 7-9pm
Please check the Scots Music Group website for specific details

Singing4Fun! (Parkinson’s UK Edinburgh Branch)
Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday evenings.
Info here.


'A joy... She helps to build confidence, so you find yourself doing things you would not have thought possible when you started. Always relaxed and fun.'
CR, College Head of Creative Arts

'I lost my fear of workshops.'
IA, retired librarian

'Wendy's approach has been tremendous for building confidence... Wendy is the BEST teacher - I have enjoyed this so much!!'
CS, IT specialist

'This is perfect and Wendy is fabby!... I can't believe my children found this workshop. Best Christmas present ever!'
JD, artist

'Great songs, great venue, great food, great friendship from the group. So well organised and a great fun way to learn.'
EE, Sydney, Australia

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